of The Sweet Athlete:


“Sweet Athletes”

a Frugivore Approach

to Fully Healing and Growing Stronger…

Without The Misinformation.

Important Note:

Whenever I mention a specific diet or person, it’s NEVER out of distaste, discrimination, or slander. It’s solely for the purpose of education and illustration.

I consistently mention specific terms (such as veganism) because it’s an easy reference point whenever I need to compare or contrast other methods vs. a Frugivore approach.

If what I share (and the way I share it) offends you to the point of frantic opposition, then definitely don’t join our tribe…

However, if you’re able to observe my message and parallel it with your own experiences (to see if what’s being presented is indeed valid) then keep scrolling because you’re definitely in the right place.

Frugivore vs. Veganism
(The 5 VITAL Differences):


  • A Belief System.

  • Not Every Vegan Knows Self-Defense.

  • Is Against Animal Cruelty and Consumption; Often Leading to Various Superiority Complexes.

  • Diet Staples are PROVEN Toxins: Soy, Nightshades, Beans, Processed Sugar, Peanuts, Grains, Gluten, Cooked Foods, High Plant Proteins.

  • Vegans Have A Very Clear Presence in Mainstream Spirituality (but Not in Nature).



  • Every Frugivore EXCELS In Self-Defense.

  • SUPPORTS Environmental (and Personal) Balance by NATURALLY Eating Less Than 10% Animal Products.

  • Diet Staples are PROVEN Builders AND Detoxifiers: Raw Fruits, Veggies, Herbs, Nuts, Seeds, Black Ant, Organ Meats, and Bee By-Products.

  • Frugivores Have a VERY CLEAR Presence That’s EASILY Seen In Nature.

Do You See That Too?
But... Before You Join Our Tribe...
You MUST Develop:

The 5 No-Bullshit Qualities That Makes or Breaks a Sweet Athlete.

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1.) Fundamentals First.

2.) Correctly Over Quickly.

3.) Teachability Over Preachability.

4.) Being Over Dreaming.

5.) Persistence When Met With Resistance.

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