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Important Note(s):


This guide is LONG, so don’t force yourself to read it all at once.


For your benefit, I divided the guide into four digestible parts:


  • Multi-Phase Detox
  • RAW Food Essentials
  • Wild Crafted Supplements
  • Functional Movement Equipment


Also, since there’s more than one recommended tool/service/product in each of the Top 10 Tools:


The top pick is listed first.


While the close runner ups are listed in bullet points.


Let’s get to it.


But first…


What’s a Frugivore?


To keep it short and sweet…


If you already joined our tribe and learned The 3 RAW Truths, then this will be familiar to you.


A Frugivore is a species that’s anatomically designed the same way Humans are anatomically designed.


In nature, a Frugivore:


•Eats RAW fruits/veggies/nuts/herbs.

•Mainly moves their bodyweight.

•Knows self-defense.

•Is the ONLY species that’s anatomically IDENTICAL to Humans.

•Is ONE with the WISDOM of Nature and our Ancestors


Here’s another well respected perspective on why (and how) Humans are Frugivores:



Now that we’re on the same page..


Let’s begin.



Multi-Phase Detox


1.) First Detox Phase: Elimination Diet and Water Enemas


The first step of detox is to be aware of (and STOP EATING) what’s harming you.


If you’re still in the process of transitioning away from a vegan diet because you were getting brain fog, low libido, IBS, and/or gas,


or away from a paleo diet because your kidneys and your joints were starting to hurt…


Have faith.


Regardless, if you choose to work with a detox specialist or if you prefer to go the DIY route,


once you decide it’ll be worth to give an elimination diet a try (and you actually STOP EATING what’s harming you), the next step is to clean out the junk still stuck in your gut.


This is where Water Enemas will benefit you.


Simply put, a water enema is distilled water that flows from a bucket, through a tube, into your intestines.


The water flow is a natural way to create intestinal peristalsis (which is what contracts your digestive muscles, which is what makes you poop).


The proper use of water enemas will clean out any stagnant waste in your intestines, and you’ll feel like a brand new person because of it.








But, only those who are comfortable with their body will do water enemas…


Because for some people, 


sticking a centimeter of medical grade tube with purified water in their own body is more disgusting to them than eating dead animal flesh that’s filled with parasites…


I’m not sure why some people have a neurotic aversion to their own sacred temple…


But you’re different right?


Experiment with water enemas before you walk this journey of being a Sweet Athlete.



After your first water enema, you may feel weak, drained, or lethargic.


This is natural. Your body just went through a natural cleanse that it hasn’t experienced before.


Give your body and your mind time to rest after this healing experience.


Be sure to not eat anything heavy the day of the Water Enema.


Stick with water, fruits, smoothies etc.


But over everything…


listen to the intuition of YOUR body before following anyone else’s advice.


I learned to take things SLOWLY because I’m in this for life; there’s no rush on the path of being a Sweet Athlete.


Now that you stopped eating what was harming you (elimination diet),


and cleaned out the remains (water enemas),


it’s time to get deeper into cellular healing and tissue regeneration with specific herbs (for specific purposes).


2.) Second Detox Phase: Dr. Robert Morse Botanicals


Now it’s time to incorporate a herbal detox protocol into your lifestyle.




HEALTHY people detox and detox is more of a lifelong process than a rare event.




Sick people are sick because they do not detox from harmful food, environmental pollutants, harmful thoughts, or toxic emotional buildup.


Detox is ESSENTIAL for true health because detox helps you get rid of what you are not.


The BEST detox protocol I’ve come across (by the BEST herbalist) is Dr. Robert Morse’s herbal tinctures and capsules. 


I’ll have videos on the private tribe that shares my journey using this protocol, how it’s regenerating my organs, and how it’s CLEANING ME OUT.


For now, you can purchase these herbal detox programs here and watch this video to understand why (not just you, but EVERYONE) should start one:



Now that you’re starting to detox your cells and regenerate your tissue/organs, it’s time to experience the final detox step…


Eating Frugivore Food. 


RAW Food Essentials


3.) Third Detox Phase: Raw Fruit Juicer


Before I go on,


it’ll be important to realize that no animal species in existence cooks their food (because they never lost touch with how to properly eat for THEIR body)…


Likewise, RAW Fruit is the foundation of a Sweet Athlete’s nutrition (not the entire pyramid).


A RAW Fruit Juicer is the best tool that’ll assist you in eating even more detoxifying fruits, berries, melons etc. and making it nothing but enjoyable!


And staying true to the intention of eating RAW,


the j8007s below is a mascerating juicer (which doesn’t create heat to extract the juice; even a blender creates heat).





The best way to naturally and effortlessly eat more calories is to juice your food RAW because it takes less energy to drink something that it does to chew, swallow, digest etc.


Here’s some common benefits of juicing RAW:



So now that you’ve STOPPED eating toxins,


FLUSHED OUT un-eliminated waste,


and you’ve established an enjoyable Fruit Base,


let’s start adding on some healthy bulk to your recipes (and your body).


4.) Calorie Dense Superfoods: Organic Avocados (no link. Go to your local market and buy them)




But in regards to CALORIE DENSE superfoods, my top pick is Avocados because: 


Just look how SEXY they are…


But on top of that, Avocados are jam-packed with monounsatured fatty-acids (MUFAs) and some saturated fat.


Both being the exact types of fat you want to consume for a testosterone boost.


Also, there are more than 20 dietary vitamins and minerals present in the flesh of an avocado.


Many which your body uses and requires to produce testosterone: A, K2, C, B2, B5, B6, zinc, magnesium, and copper.


I usually make a HUGE guacamole bowl with 4 Avocados (4 Avocados have around 1000 calories).


Add my secret ingredients such as:


cayenne pepper, olives, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, fresh squeezed lemon, green onion, and seurkraut (my secretest secret ingredient)…


This quick meal is easily running 1800+ bioavailable calories and exceeds the daily requirements for “protein” due to it’s amino acid profile. 


“How will you gain muscle from eating fruit?


Where will you get your calories?”


“Where will you get your protein?”


Frugivores get asked that all the time… But all three questions are now officially irrelevant.



Coconuts, Bananas, and Dates are close calorie dense runner ups to the holy Avocado.




Besides coconut being Alkaline,


what makes alkaline coconut superior to acidic animal sources of saturated fat (beef fat, eggs, butter, lard etc).


is the fact that coconut is mostly made up of Medium Chain Triglycerides (which is a fatty-acid that the body can readily use for energy). 



However, why get processsed coconut oil (even if it’s organic)…


When you can just get BULK Organic Coconuts that has oil, meat, AND coconut water all for cheaper than a jar of the by-product…


Especially if you use a coconut hammer, investing in WHOLE coconuts will be easier and more convenient for you than purchasing the processed by-product.


  • Organic Bananas (no link. Go to your local market): Simple Carbohydrates (Fructose) are THE MOST ESSENTIAL macronutrient (in regards to energy production) and a great calorie dense source of Fructose is Bananas.


10 bananas have over 1000 calories (and 10 bananas are incredibly easy to eat).


Also, bananas contain a crucial enzyme called bromelain that boosts testosterone,


and bananas are also THE source of Fruit Based potassium (which is essential for healthy muscle function and relieving muscle soreness).





  • Organic Dates (go to Costco): Dates are another PERFECT source of calorie dense energy (dates also literally taste like caramel candy… Like c’mon)…



Not only will dates assist you in keeping a healthy weight (20 dates have around 1300 calories),


but there will be a noticeable change in your energy levels as well because dates are dense in the energy (and life) giving natural sugar, Fructose.


Dates are also rich in selenium, manganese, copper, and magnesium,


all of which are required when it comes to keeping your bones healthy and preventing conditions such as osteoporosis (mainly caused by acidic and mineral leeching diets, especially dairy and grains).


Now that you’ve started your Fruit Foundation, and added calorie dense superfoods,


Next is enjoying whole food supplements that’ll assist you even further.



Wild Crafted Supplements



5.) Longevity Herbs: Dragon Herbs (multiple products)


I’m obsessed with finding, sharing, and using the highest quality sources of herbs and superfoods (all of them listed in this guide),


and Dragon Herbs has been LIT for me as a Sweet Athlete.


 Dragon Herbs offers the most complete and powerful tonic herbal products in the world.


Here’s a cool old school video showing the pure intentions (and the origin) of Dragon Herbs:




Some of the products I’ve personally used from them are:


  • Spring Dragon Longevity Tea: This Gynostemma based tea is infused with the most potent mixture of some of the top tonic herbs in all of herbalism: goji berry, astragalus root, Schizandra etc.


Besides the additional powerful infusion of these herbs, Gynostemma is known to be one of the most complete adaptogenic herbs in all chinese medicine.





  • He Shou Wu (capsules): It’s commonly used to maintain youthful sexual drive, normally abundant sperm count in men, and to support the health of the ova in women.




He Shou Wu is abundant in Zinc,


and it’s also widely used in Asia to maintain the youthful condition and color of the hair.


I’m a direct testament to this because my hair has definitely gotten thicker, stronger, and darker since I started using He Shou Wu (my hair was falling out when I was animal based).


Even though Sweet Athletes don’t eat soy (a toxic testosterone INHIBITOR),


it’s still always in your benefit to naturally regulate your hormones for an optimal life experience.


The Anabolic Adaptogens listed below will do the trick.



6.) Anabolic Adaptogens: Pine Pollen Extract


To put it simply, Pine Pollen is pure plant testosterone (phytoandrogen).


Pine Pollen has over 200 bioavailable nutrients including, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and natural phyto-androgens (DHEA, Testosterone, androstenedione, and androsterone) in one single serving.




Because Pine Pollen is a natural plant steroid and not a synthetic chemical substitute (like most bodybuilding supplements, especially steroids),


all of these nutrients are easily recognized by the body making Pine Pollen incredibly easily to digest, absorb, and use for longer periods of time without negative effects.


In other words,


unlike steroids, your body will not shut down it’s natural production of testosterone from using Pine Pollen.


Pine Pollen has profound anti-aging and anabolic properties, and is proven to increase sex drive, libido, and because of the heightened testosterone levels, it’s a significant aid in increasing lean muscle mass.



I used to take the alcohol tincture and it definitely increased my sex drive, willingness to lift heavy weights, and desire to be cockily confrontational (which many Women enjoyed).


However, the tincture is A LOT more powerful than the powder extract (listed here) because alcohol tinctures bybass the GI tract so it’s literally purely absorbed into your bloodstream.


The tincture is more used for natural testosterone therapy (which I needed when I was vegan) but the powder extract listed here is considered a whole supplement, best used for tonic (daily) used.



In nature, Royal Jelly is literally only reserved for the Queen Bee.




It’s a fair trade off considering she has to dedicate her entire life to solely giving birth to the colony.


Just from observing nature, that tells me that Royal Jelly is POTENT in regards to increasing fertility, and since it has pure testosterone (not a mimic form).


Royal Jelly isn’t vegan, but it’s an essential superfood for Sweet Athletes because we know that its positive effect on athletic performance and overall well-being have been widely documented


  • Organic Ashwaghanda (capsules): An ancient Anabolic Adaptogen,


Ashwaghanda is proven to help reduce stress, anxiety, inflammation, and cortisol levels, improve sperm quality, boost testosterone levels, improve the quality of sleep, and strengthen the immune system.




I definitely use it for it’s testosterone benefits, but like clock work, if I take two of these before bed, I am KNOCKED OUT.


Not only does it help nourish your adrenals when you sleep (sleep is where your body repairs itself),


but I noticeably wake up with a spring in my step every time I have Ashwa the night before.


  • Vitamin D3If you don’t live in a tropical climate… It doesn’t matter… You can still get adequate amounts of sun (it’s not like your health depends on it or anything…)


Vitamin D3 actually isn’t a vitamin, it’s a steroid hormone (that significantly increases testosterone).


You produce it naturally when the sun hits your skin or your eyes.


Important Note:


Many D3 supplements that are marketed as “vegetarian” technically are “vegetarian”, but that type of D3 is made from wool (called lanolin)…


But… Even Vitamin D3 from organic lichen (an algae) is still NOT EVEN CLOSE to what the sun provides naturally.


This is mainly because any vitamin that’s “naturally” synthesized, is still an isolated compound; Isolated compounds are toxic. 


  • Thymus Thumps (beating chest): This is something you can do anywhere for free (especially in public because it looks MASCULINE AF to beat your chest like a Godrilla).


Here’s a quick video that further describes the benefits of beating your chest:



Next on the superfood supplement list is alkaline Plant “Protein” or in other words (AMINO ACIDS).


These alkaline (non-acidic) picks won’t put stress on your kidneys (if you use the suggested dose) and they’re free from The 6 Poisons commonly found in many “vegan” proteins such as soy, pea, brown rice etc.



7.) “Plant” Protein: Green Protein Alchemy


To be clear, protein is THE MOST IRRELEVANT macronutrient.


In anatomical and biological reality, the human body can only use around 40-60 grams of protein A DAY.


Any more than that you’re putting compounding stress on your organs, especially your kidneys.


Sweet Athletes exceed protein (Simple Amino Acid) needs without even trying, just by eating Frugivore Foods.


So… If you don’t “need” protein supplements, why is there a protein supplement included in this list?


Great question.



Well, besides Green Protein Alchemy being a complete food (and a complete amino acod source), alkaline protein is just a small after effect of it’s true benefits.


In other words, Sweet Athletes don’t use this supplement for it’s protein content…


This “supplement” is mainly comprised of Chlorella and Spirulina which I’d argue are in the top 5 most healing bioactive (living) substances in existence.


Here’s an in-depth analysis of the benefits of both (found in Green Protein Alchemy):



What’s also cool about Green Protein Alchemy is that it has Chlorella Growth Factor.


Chlorella Growth Factor is known to be the plant-based Human Growth Hormone.


Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) is believed to be the secret why chlorella has survived virtually unchanged for more than a half billion years and the reason why chlorella brings so much vitality to your body.


Lastly, Green Protein Alchemy comes with an impressive list of natural digestive enzymes and probiotics that are both fueled by the algae itself. 


  • Raw Organic Hemp Seeds (go to Costco or here): Hemp Seeds are COMMON on a vegan “plant based” diet…


But did you know that Hemp Seeds are actually fruits?




Besides that delicious fact,


Hemp Seeds are THE best fruit based source of Zinc (far superior than pumpkin seeds because for many, including myself, pumpkin seeds are way too hard to digest).


  • Di Tao Black Ant by Sun Potion: Black Mountain Ant is THE best animal based source of Zinc (it’s actually considered as THE most potent healing “herb” in Chinese Medicine).



They don’t list their Black Ant on Amazon, so click here to be taken to Sun Potion directly.


Anyway, besides Zinc being essential for over 200 functions in the body (especially testosterone production),


Zinc is one of the micronutrients that are deficient on a common vegan/plant based diet.


It’s not because vegans aren’t eating zinc, it’s because of what vegans ARE eating (The 6 Poisons) that’s leeching these minerals out of their body.


Again, Black Ant isn’t vegan, but it’s an essential superfood for Sweet Athletes.


Now that you have your Fruit Based food pyramid, it’s time to channel your chi into functional movement.


Functional Movement Essentials



8.) Core Stability & Functional Strength: Body Action System


Important Note:


Since Frugivores are Bodyweight based Athletes (and since in nature, Frugivores also know self-defense)…


the Body Action System is a Sweet Athlete essential; one in which I believe far out beats Gymnastic Rings.






Well to put it simply,


if you’re in a life or death situation, you’re not going to take your gymnastic rings out and start doing dips…


And you’re definitely not going to do downward facing dog on your yoga mat (especially if you were in jail).




DO NOT underestimate the potential this tool has; it’s all about how intentfully you use it.




I truly do believe that over everything,


Martial Arts is the TOP calisthenic workout and every Sweet Athlete should partake in it and find their own path with it.


  • Nayoya Gynmastic Rings: Pullup bars, perfect pushups, ab rollers etc. ARE NOT mentioned on this list because they do not even come close to THE calisthenic tool; Gymnastic Rings.




Besides the Body Action System,


Gymnastic Rings are the go-to for developing a functional core, conditioning your stabilizer muscles, developing RAW strength and muscle mass (especially if you do a 5 second tempo which is 5 seconds contract, 5 seconds hold, 5 seconds expand).


Out of ALL of the calisthenic equipment, if you don’t have (and USE) gymnastic rings, you don’t do calisthenics.


  • SKLZ Sprinting Parachute: Plain and simple, Sweet Athletes ARE NOT long distance runners. Because who would you rather look like?


A functional and testosterone filled sprinter:




Or like a long distance runner who’s dangerously skinny because excessive cardio creates a muscle wasting environment:



Unless you’re training for the olympics, skip long distance running/jogging.


Across the board, jogging wrecks havoc on everything from your joints, your metabolism, and your hormones.


You can condition you body a more functional way by doing SPRINTS!



Sprints are THE secret to increasing growth hormone and testosterone without drugs, fancy food, or crazy supplements.


SPRINTS ARE HARD, which is why everybody jogs…


Just because something is hard, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun (ask any Woman).


Imagine running 5-10 sprints with a FUCKIN parachute that adds 20lbs of resistance…


That’s just cool…


But do this consistently (about 2-3 times a week every week) and you’ll need new pants.


You now have THE best tools to tear your muscle tissue (the stimulus needed to build muscle),


but how you GROW STRONGER is through rest.


9.) Active (and Passive) Recovery: Inversion Table


Besides being paleo,


sitting for long periods of times is one of the worst things you can do for your bodies.


Along with countless ailments, sitting causes a rounded spine (beta male posture) and contributes to tight hip flexors (which contributes to even more muscular and spinal imbalances).


Spinal decompression is an important element of functional movement that’s missing in common workout programs;.


But, since it’s on this list, it’s an essential for the recovery and longevity of Sweet Athletes.




Hanging from a bar is okay…


But you can’t forget about the other half of your body.


An inversion table is an essential tool for the recovery of Sweet Athletes because:



My heart truly does go to those with any sort of back pain (slight to severe).


I know what it’s like to not be able to walk (due to a pinched nerve),


and I wish I found out the benefits of inversion therapy SOONER!


Better late than never though.



Similar to the benefits of spinal decompression, sleeping on the floor is an ancient healing art that you must get back into (there weren’t any sleep number mattresses back then).



Sleeping on a surface that’s soft (such as any bed) is one of the WORST things you can do to your body because your muscles are supposed to be relaxed during sleep, not supporting your entire body.


Since you’re sleeping on a soft surface, your smaller muscle fibers now have to support you all night longgg…


No wonder many people wake up even more stressed than they went to bed…




sleeping on a hard surface (such as a yoga mat on your floor) gives your muscles the rest that sleeping is supposed to give them.



  • Hard Core Foam Roller: On top of spinal decompression, this is another form of bodily therapy that’s an essential tool for functional athletes (and athletes who are interested in preventing injuries).


Foam rolling is considered a DIY myofascial therapy (in other words, massaging your deep tissue).


Besides sleeping on a soft surface (not good), you’d be surprised as to the amount of tension your smaller muscle fibers and deeper tissue are still holding onto.


I recommend a foam roller with a hard core (that won’t give in) like the one below:




  • Walks (Sun): Walking is one of the EASIEST fat loss and recovery methods.


But walking OUTSIDE is also useful for getting optimal Vitamin D3 (from the Sun as mentioned earlier).





  • Cold Showers: Honestly, I was debating if this should be in the Anabolic Adaptogen because:


Cold showers have been proven countless times to strengthen your nervous system, enhance mental clarity, recovery, and willingness to persist through obstacles.



I have a direct testament to that last claim because ever since I’ve been taking ice cold showers,


my ability to handle adversity (and stress) has made an observable and testable improvement.


Seriously, try it.


If you can last 10 minutes fully submersed in an ice cold shower, the pressures of everyday life will seem like child’s play.


10.) Non-Toxic Workout Apparel: Econscious Clothing


Don’t freak yourself out with this one (like I did).


Just be aware that nowadays, polyester is one of the most used fabrics, however, polyester is THE most toxic one.


Polyester is plastic…


If you don’t want to drink out of plastic water bottles…


Why put plastic on your skin (your biggest organ?)


Make a simple transition away from toxic fabrics (such as polyester),


to healthier fabrics such as cotton, hemp, silk, or even organic cotton listed below:




There you have it!


The most complete resource of essential tools, products, and services that’s been propelling Sweet Athletes along their journey of functional strength, true longevity, peace through recovery, and joy through movement.

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